gonima – Emergent Systems (2023)

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gonima is an alias of Evan Magoni (he/him), a Montreal-based audiovisual artist exploring glitch aesthetics, complex rhythms, bright melodies, and ambient atmospheres. He employs pointillist audio editing, live playing, and generative musical processes to create detailed digital textures, ethereal tonality, and collage-like musical arrangements with an emotive core.

The gonima project started in 2011 in Philadelphia. Releases have found homes on Satellite Era in Chicago; Sunset Waves in Austin, Texas; Bullflat3.8 in Kyoto, Japan; Montreal labels ygrade and Ancient Robot; and in Munich, Germany on Slam City Jams.

Musical interests: deep listening, melodic tension and release, glitch sound design, drones, syncopation, gestural movement, sound collage.

Emergent Systems (2023) is an audiovisual performance based on the album Escapism. The performance explores collective behaviours that arise from the relationships between forms and sounds, composer and tools, feelings and environments. Abstract computer-generated visuals featuring audio-reactive shapes and textures are generated in real time in response to Escapism's melodic ambient/IDM/glitch sound palette.

The performance begins by showing a single horizontal line, which morphs as quiet atonal fluttering sounds transform it into a dancing waveform. As tonality gradually appears, the sounds and music shift continuously into increasingly energetic and complex shapes.


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“With a sound that lands somewhere in between the gnarled IDM of early Warp Records and the peaceful ambient of Dntel, Evan Magoni (aka gonima) is a lowkey hero of contemporary glitch music.”
Bandcamp Daily
“Producer gonima's mix of ambient textures and glitchy IDM percussion is warm, melodic, and inviting.”
— Bandcamp New & Notable front page feature of Escapism, Sept 26 2023
“There's this one artist from Montreal, gonima, who I did a remix for recently. He makes this really high definition IDM, and it sounds nothing like any other IDM. I had never listened to anything like it before and I was like, oh my god, I literally just want all my beats to sound like this.”
Hyperpop star Brakence, NPR interview
“Homeostasis d’Evan Magoni – sous le pseudonyme Gonima - fit remonter la tension avec finesse et subtilité. Cette œuvre sonore se déploya telle une peinture florale pointilliste avec parcimonie et une profondeur multidimensionnelle. Cette tension émotionnelle et chaotique sous contrôle se retrouve aussi chez Autechre, Boards of Canada, Loscil, Aphex Twin, Marc Leclerc (Akufen). Voilà 15 minutes et 40 secondes de beauté saccadée, syncopée, éthérée. Gonima a réussi un bel exercice de genre pour laisser la place à l’apothéose.”
Salima Bouaraour, PAN M 360 review of Homeostasis at Akousma 2023
“Des jeux rythmiques microtemporels génératifs sont appliqués sur des nappes spectrales mélancoliques, s’inscrivant dans une relation dialogique entre la figure et le fond. L’agogique de l’écriture est dynamique, précise et cristalline, soutenue par une réalisation sonore sensible et techniquement irréprochable.”
Louis Dufort (director of Akousma festival), review of Escapism
“Complex digital arrangements, combining syncopated drum breaks, glitched impressions and momentary glimpses of lulling whispers.”
Inverted Audio
“A delectable electronic mixture that merges ambient strands with sizzling beatwork from IDM of yesteryear.”
Igloo Mag
“A unique blend of breakcore drenched in lush ambiance on our pick of the EP ‘Flashcore’. The track is filled to the brim with alluring moments, from the emotive melodic sequences of the warm pads, to all the motile percussion and glitch sounds in between”
Insert (archive)
“[...] juxtaposant d’une manière personnelle et sublime un amalgame de sonorités des plus étonnantes.”
“Quelque peu intemporel et empreint de rêverie, cet opus de dix titres vous comblera de bonheur. À mi-chemin entre l’unité et la variété, gonima nous fait rapidement comprendre qu’il a plus d’un tour dans son sac et que ce qu’il nous offre est tout à fait cohérent. L’artiste, très habile pour structurer l’instructurable, se distingue par ses techniques de collage particulièrement raffinées.”
Mes Enceintes Font Defaut


gonima. Escapism. CD/Digital album. Satellite Era, Chicago.
gonima. Inevitable State. Digital single. Satellite Era, Chicago.
gonima. Monostable. Digital single. Satellite Era, Chicago.
gonima. Esquence. Digital track on compilation. Causal Chain, Montreal.
gonima. Strands. Digital EP/cassette. Sunset Waves, Texas.
gonima. Euphoria. Digital track on compilation. Mirae Arts, California.
N'Dorok. lace0-entrancing. Digital track, collaboration; self-released.
gonima. Luminescence. Digital track on compilation. Satellite Era, Chicago.
gonima. Flashcore. Digital track on compilation. Satellite Era, Chicago.
brtrnd. 32me (gonima remix). Digital track, brtrnd self-released.
gonima. Convergence. Digital track on compilation. Bio Future Laboratory, Ukraine.
gonima. Nine Objects Through Open Window. CD/Digital album. Bullflat3.8, Japan.
gonima. Fragmented Environments. Digital album. ygrade, Montreal.
gonima. afttrail0 ~flashcubes. Music video, digital single. ygrade, Montreal.
gonima. a space that is ours. Music video, digital single. ygrade, Montreal.
gonima. Collusion. Digital track on compilation. Power Puerto Rico compilation, Montreal.
gonima. Time Slip (excerpt). Digital single. Self-released, Montreal.
gonima. Scale. Digital single. Self-released, Montreal.
gonima. Out Of Sides. Digital EP. Ancient Robot, Montreal.
gonima. Grids 12" record. Slam City Jams, Munich.
gonima. h. Digital single. Self-released, Montreal.
gonima. Nimago. Digital mixtape, self-released.
gonima. Nigoma. Digital EP, self-released.
N'Dorok. ashlar2:incandesced. Digital track, collaboration; self-released.
N'Dorok. tendrils8*borrower. Digital track, collaboration; self-released.
gonima. 五月. Digital single, self-released.
gonima. “ ”. Digital single, self-released.

Selected Performances

Upscale Recordings showcase: Hudson Lee & Frequent, O-Prime Delta, gonima at Metronome, Burlington VT
laced, gonima, Corey Mastrangelo (US), Bas Relief at Casa Del Popolo, Montreal
Static Cell #1: SXXN, Propulse, Nixtrove, gonima at La Sotterenea, Montreal
Akousma Festival 19: Premiere of gonima – Homeostasis (15'40, multichannel) with Aho Ssan, Olivia Block, Elias Merino, Bénédicte, Nicola Giannini at Usine C, Montreal
Clark (Warp, UK; Sus Dog tour), gonima ["Emergent Systems" AV] at Newspeak, Montreal
Causal Chain – Évoque compilation launch w/ Bénedicte, gonima ["Emergent Systems" AV premiere], Laced & LCL Stream, Nixtrove, Xozgk at La Sala Rossa, Montreal
Soundxploit.sh presents: Derek Larson, gonima, Rony, Monastik at La Sotterenea, Montreal
Kohlenstoff Records Double Album launch: GRkŹĠŁ & Dominic Jasmin; with gonima and Myfanwy at Le Chateau, Montreal
operaa & gonima collaborative live set; with Kore, Online Threat at World Creation Studio, Montreal
Private show hosted by susy.technology with SOFTMATTER, Teo Zamudio, Valeda, Bénédicte at World Creation Studio, Montreal
Zona 009 with Artemis (Kore), Neon Tundra, Special Devivery at Zona, Montreal
ygrade Releasecubes® 01 (gonima "Fragmented Environments" release) with YlangYlang, Kazuki Koga, Neo Edo at La Plante, Montreal
ygrade Partycubes® 5 with buffalo MRI, Eyeshy at La Plante, Montreal
MUTEK Montreal with Clip, Forage, JMII, Flandez, Sau Poler
gonima "Out of Sides" release with Fade Runner, Fengir, CMD, Bas Relief at La Plante, Montreal
Mich Cota "Sapphic" release with Mich Cota, Sarah Davachi at Poisson Noir, Montreal

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